JSON, the easy way.
For Mac.

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Edit. Visualize. Export.

The ultimate JSON-driven Data Management app.


What you'll love


Import pure JSON, XML, Property Lists (XML or Binary), YAML, or even CSV. You can also perform a GET/POST request and work on the response directly. Yep!

100% interactive

Edit & View JSON and observe changes live. Do you prefer to visualize it as a node tree? Do you prefer to work directly with the source code? It just works.

Batteries included

Advanced Live Syntax Checking/Linter, with error checking and live notifications + Source beautifier + Powerful Search feature + Much much more!


In 3 simple steps

  • 1

    Add or import your JSON

    You may simply start writing it, import a file (drag'n'drop supported as well) or load via JSON Wizard's live HTTP Request tool

  • 2

    Visualize the result

    Node tree - on your left - or source code - in the right-hand editor, you're all covered!

  • 3

    Export it

    Make all necessary changes and you're good to go! All you have to do now is Save or Export back to JSON (or any other file format you wish!)

Works on macOS 10.10+.
Perfectly compatible with Monterey.

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